Romans 12

Introduction:  There are products we enjoy that have a special ingredient, known only to its makers.This morning we are going to look at 3 ingredients to live an unoffendable life.

Living UN-Offendable…

#1.  Be transformed, not conformed.  (Romans 12:1,2)

  • In view of God’s mercy….  IN response to who God is and what God has done is to willingly lay down our lives.
  • Don’t get sucked into the craziness of the world we’re surrounded by.  Instead choose to allow the Holy Spirit to transform you from the inside out.
  • The goal is to be more like Jesus; who laid his life down & who lived unoffendable.

#2.  Be Humble not Arrogant. (Romans 12:3,4)

“Whatever anyone else has done to me, I stand just as guilty.”– Brant Hansen

  • The moment we humbly admit – we do not have it all together, everything changes in the way we relate to the people around us.  It   makes me more unoffendable.
  • Pride is easily offended. (Matthew 15)

#3.  Be Merciful not Revengeful (Romans 12:14,17-21)

  • How different would our world be without revenge?

Common Traits of Merciful People

  1.  They don’t seek revenge
  2. They are not pugnacious
  3. They are not harsh and don’t wish the worse for people

#4.  Only possible when we learn to trust God and his character.

  • Direct correlation between our ability to trust God and to live in an unoffendable and peaceful way.
  • It’s saying, “God I believe you are bigger than…” “God…you are in control.”
  • It is trusting that there is nothing that has been taken from you that God can’t redeem, restore, renew  – either in this life or in the life to come.

The Benefits of Living Unoffendable

  1. You will find rest in releasing your right to revenge
  2. You will begin to attract people rather than repel them.