This or That
The Decision that Matters Most
Joel 3

Introduction: We are all decisionmakers.

  • The decision that matters most: Who or what are you going to follow?
  • We all give our ultimate allegiance to somebody. This is called a master value,
  • We have been conditioned by our society to embrace both/and rather than either/or.
  • We tend to idolize our freedom of choices.  But life doesn’t work that way.
  • There are situations which require an either/or response.

Each of us has a little altar in our hearts.

  • The call to full commitment to God brings people into the valley of decision.

Moses:  Deuteronomy 30:19
Joshua:  Joshua 24:15
Jesus: Matthew 6:24

The Valley of Decision (Joel 3:10)

  • The Day of the Lord: justice is coming.
  • God is going to judge all nations.
  • Two Images of how God tracks evil in the world.

-a book  (Revelation 20:12)
-a bottle  (Psalm 56:8)

  • God will be a refuge for his people (Joel 3:16)

God’s Decision:  The Cross

  • The Invitation of Jesus:  Will you follow me?
  • This is NOT a both/and decision. It is an either/or decision. 
  •  (Decision card) Today I choose to ______________________.