Texts: Genesis 2 Exodus 20:8 Matthew 11:28. Hebrews 4:1-10

1- Breaking our hidden addiction to “busy”

– In today’s world, busy is a code word for important

– We have been culturally programmed to feel if we are not busy, not productive, don’t have value.
Busyness is not just a disordered schedule, it’s a disordered heart
-John Ortberg

2- The Practice of Sabbath

– In Hebrew: Shabbat which means “Stop”

– The discipline of Sabbath allows you to cultivate a spirit of restfulness.

– Sabbath: a 24 hour period of time that begins sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

– Genesis 2:3 God created a kind of rest that is a celebration. (delight)

The Sabbath is an entire day set aside to follow God’s example, stop, and delight in his world,
in your life in it, and above all, in God himself.
– Dan Allender

3- Why Rest?

– God built a rhythm into the fabric of creation: Work/rest

– God blessed the Sabbath day

– God made the day “holy”. (set apart) – God makes TIME holy.

– The Sabbath is not a day off, but a day to worship.

4- How to Rest?

– STOP – cease from all work, paid and unpaid.

– REST – do the things that restore and replenish you.

– DELIGHT – What brings me joy?

– CONTEMPLATE – focus on the love of God.

5- Remember the Sabbath

– Often we forget the things that matter most

– Live in a rhythm of work and rest