James 1:13-15

Review:  Trials are inevitable.

James uses the same Greek word for “temptation” in v13 as he uses for “trial” in  v.2/12.  What is the difference?

v13 When tempted, (from the outside) no one should say, “God is tempting me.” (enticing me toward sin)

I.   Every trial is a temptation.

  • Any change at all in your life is a test. 

II.  Why trials become temptations. (v. 14,15)

  • What is outside (trial) is affected by what’s going on inside. (temptation)
  • We tend to confuse the occasion with the cause.
  • The occasion is the test, the cause is your own desire.
  • You and I only do what we want to do. 

III.  How we get tempted. (v. 13-15)

  • Dragged away by “evil desire”  = “over-desire”.

It’s not that we want bad things. It’s that we want things too badly.​

  • Sin is not just breaking the rules. It’s when something becomes your paramour rather than God. 
  • Epi-desire is a fatal attraction to something that you love more than God.
  • Sin leads to death.

IV.  How do we escape? 

The only way to break the power of an object on the soul, is to show it an object more beautiful. – Thomas Chalmers

  • The answer to temptation is spiritual passion.
  • We have a husband: Jesus. (Ephesians 2:25-27)

Consider what he has done for you. Think about who you are to him.

  • Hear the song of your true lover.