“Quick-Slow/Slow-Go Low-Look”




James 1:19-25


  • James 1:1-12 deals with PAIN.  “No pain – no gain.”
  • Trials are inevitable.

Introduction  James 1:18

  • The term “born again” Christian is not a type of Christian. They are one and the same.  (John 3:7, I Peter 1:23,  I John 3:9, 4:7, 5:4)
  • To be born again means we are partakers of the divine nature.  (2 Ptr 1:4)

He (God) chose to give us birth through the word of truth .

Call #4  Go Low 

(v.21)   Humbly accept the word planted in you.

  • Get rid of moral filth = ear wax 
  • Prevalent evil = root 
  • The same word that created your new heart is embodied in the Scripture.
  • Let the Scripture search you.

How do I react when I am in the presence of Scripture?

The opposite of anger is not self-control, it is humility.

  • . Get rid of pride.

Ways to check your heart for pride

​1.  A proud heart is sure of every point of its belief system.

2.  A proud heart enjoys confronting or it avoids confronting.

3.  A proud heart is always unhappy with its life.

Call #5  Look!  (v.23-25)

There is something in our heart that doesn’t want to know what we look like.

  • We tend to forget the good, and remember the bad.
  • Never stop looking (v. 25) – take the mirror with you.
  • The more I obey, the more I will be who God made me to be, and the more free I’ll be.
  • Use the people around you to help you remember what you see.