You are a miracle!

_There are only two ways to live your life._

_One is as if nothing is a miracle._

_The other is as if everything is a miracle._
*Albert Einsten*


– Every miracle is a microcosm. It is a sign of who God is, and what God wants to do in your life.

Water to Wine: An Odd Start

– The first century operated out of a shame/honor culture. Running out of wine would have been more than embarrassing. It would have been public shame.
– Miracle-Worker: God who is not just great because nothing is too big… God is great because nothing is too small.
– God shows up, when we run out.

Water to Wine: Who IS the Miracle Worker?

– v.9 “Master of the Banquet” = a term for the emcee, the one who keeps the party going.
– Why the miracle? “I am the true Lord of the Feast.” Isaiah 25:6-9
– In the Scriptures, wine represents joy. John 15:11, 17:13, I Peter 1:8

_Of all the things I could tell you and show you first –it’s this: I have come to bring festival joy._ – Jesus

Water to Wine: What did he come to do?

– Key verse: _“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”_ .v4
– Jesus is troubled as he thinks about his own wedding day.
– In John’s Gospel “my hour” = “my death”
– Jesus is the bridegroom

Water to Wine: My response

– Taste and See: Experience Jesus on the inside
– Submit to His timing: “whatever he says to you, do it.”

– Choose joy: While life may be hard, and disappointing, there is joy to come.