James 2:14-17,5:1-6


Q: What does it really mean to believe something?
A: It is our behavior that reveals what we actually believe.

Three Levels of Belief

  1. What I claim to believe  (creed)
  2. What I think I believe
  3. What I actually believe (mental map)
  • Your mental map is your reality – it’s how and what you believe things really are, and you never violate your mental map.
  • Your behavior (ie your “works”) reveal the truth about your mental map.
  • Faith that is demonstrated by works is what James calls “saving faith.”

The Love of Money

  1. Leads to hoarding
  • The Bible is not against saving.  (Pr. 6:6-8)
  1. Leads to self-indulgence (James 5:5)
  • According to James, the lifestyle I live and the lifestyle I am capable of living should not be the same.
  1. Leads to taking advantage of people  (James 5:15)
  • It is an unwillingness to sacrifice.
  1. Will rot your soul
  • When you put your heart on what’s rusting, your heart will rust with it.

Dealing with Rust

  • Behind the rust: You have forgotten what God has done for you.

James 5:6 You have condemned and murdered the righteous one who does not oppose.

  • If you remember the one who died for you, you will have a different attitude toward everything in the world, including your money.
  • Will you be like Mary or like Judas?