James 4:1-10


The men fight against everything their lives have become, and fight against their fears.
— Chuck Palahniuk,The Fight Club
Each of us has a civil war going on within.

What we don’t work out, we act out.

The Cause of Conflict

  • Desires:  putting ourselves into the center. (Hedonism)

The Result of Conflict: Coveting and Envy

  • Coveting – to take what is not yours. (Focus is on the object.)
  • Envy – would rather see it destroyed. (Focus is on the person.)
  • It turns us into killers.
  • Envy destroys the envier.

How to get rid of it. (How to get out of the Fight Club)

1. Give God access through prayer. (James 4:2,3)

2.  Declare the goodness of God. (Romans 8:32)

  • Focus on what God has given you, rather that what you don’t have.
  • Your circumstances are not the best indicators of the goodness of God.

Who is in the ring with you? 
What do they have that you wish you had?

3.  Be changed by a love relationship with God.

  • Rev. 19:7, Ephesians 5:32, Song of Songs 5:16
  • Our relationship with God is a loving choice.
  • Love puts boundaries around the relationship.
  • Which is expressed through passionate intimacy. (Ezekiel16:8-14)

The only way you are going get out of the FIGHT CLUB is to stop committing adultery with the things of the world.

  • Who am I sleeping with? The way to tell what is in your center: If you don’t have it – you fall-apart.

This is my lover and this is my friend. (Song of Songs 5:16)