James 3:12-17


  • James shows us the difference between having a profession of faith and a possession of faith.

A profession is what you ”believe”.

A possession is how you live.

  • The power and necessity of words.  (3:10,11)

We need wisdom to use our words so they produce life, not death.

What is wisdom and how do you get it?

1.  Who is wise and understanding?

  • Sophia = Greek for right living
  • Understanding = expertise.

Wisdom is the ability to see and to build relationships, by taking things that are unrelated, and fit them into a relationship. (Pr. 14:1, James 3:18)(ill. Music/Art)

  • The Ultimate wisdom: The fear of the Lord.  (Proverbs 9:10)
  • The fear of the Lord is not about being afraid.

The fear of the Lord IS to tremble with awe and to be amazed.

You have not begun to be wise until your knowledge of God takes a hold of you.

  • The opposite of wisdom is disorder.

2.  How do you get wisdom?

  • Some wisdom is a natural gift.
  • You do not get wisdom until you are humbled.
  • Wisdom is directly related to being in touch with reality.
  • Spiritual wisdom is also a gift (I Cor 4:7)
  • Pride destroys relationships.
  • The ultimate wisdom:  from above (3:17)
  • Wisdom from above came down in the person of Jesus.  (John 1:14)The Ultimate wisdom: Seeing Jesus on the Cross; reconciling us to God.