Luke 10:38-42

Introduction: The power of paying attention

Reference: How to tame the wandering mind (Amishi Jha – TEDTALK)

– Because of information overload, the brain has an attention system which says: notice this, select this, direct your thoughts here.
– Attention amplifies: whatever you focus on becomes clearer and/or louder.
– Sometimes we pay attention to wrong things.
– Things like stress and boredom diminish the power of our attention.

**Our Challenge for 2020: Pay attention to God in your life.**

Priority: One Thing
What is the #1 priority in your life?

– David Psalm 27:4
– Paul Philippians 3:13
– Jesus: Luke 10:42

Mary’s Priority

– Sits at the feet of Jesus
– Focused attention

Martha’s Priority

– Welcoming Jesus
– She gets distracted
– She eventually loses it: Do you not care my sister has left me to do all the work by myself?
Martha’s priorities are twisted…Are mine?

Choose to pay attention to the one thing – to hear the voice of Jesus.
Our lives are full of the unnecessary.

– Martha’s priority was secondary.
– Mary chose the best part – what is that?

Choose to give your attention to Jesus. Spend time listening

– Luke 6:46-49. Whoever hears my words and puts them into practice
– Luke 8:20. Who are my brothers and sisters?
– Matthew 7:21-23. Many will say to me, “Lord, Lord”