I Corinthians 10:1-2/ Exodus 14:10ff


  • Your story is God’s story. The place where God turns stories around is at the Cross.
  • Israel’s central story: deliverance from slavery in Egypt

The exodus was for Israel what the crucifixion would become for Christianity: the master story, the primary narrative where we get our bearings for all the rest of Scripture and history and life. –Rabbi Michael Goldberg

Baptism: Red Sea

  • Dying to the old, stepping into a new reality.
They went in as… They came out as…



Mortal danger


Under the ways of Egypt

Under the commands of God



No God story of their own

Their own God story


New identity

Do you have a God story of your own?

  • Baptism is public – it is personal, but not private. It is a together experience.
  • Face your Pharaoh with God’s promise (Exodus 14:13,14)

Baptism:  NT

  • “I have decided” When somebody gets baptized, their story becomes part of Jesus’ story.
  • Identifying with Jesus  (Romans 6:4)

Infant Baptism

  • Babies do not have a God-story of their own
  • There is no infant baptism in the New Testament
  • Every New Testament command or instance of baptism is preceded by repentance and faith.  (Acts 2:37-38,41)

Save the Date: July 14th

Every human being who turns to God is the object of the joy of angels. Whenever someone gets baptized give them heaven!

Conclusion:There is a place where human stories get turned around, and it’s called the cross. There is a place where resurrection happens, and it’s at the foot of the cross.