James 5:16


Does praying really matter?  Does it make a difference?

What does the  phrase “image of God” mean? (Genesis 1:27)

  1.  In ancient near east culture, those who created statues (idols) believed that their god took up residence in that piece of wood or stone. 
  • We are the living statues of God.  The one true living God takes up residence within us. 
  1. In ancient near east culture, only one person was called “in the image of God”–the KING.
  • According to Genesis 1:28 To be created in the image of God meant that we were created to rule and reign.  Which means that we were created as kings/queens.
  • The way we rule in God’s kingdom is VERY different than kings/queens rule in our world. 

Why Prayer is so Important

  • Throughout the Bible there are more if/then statements applied to prayer than to any other human activity. 
  • Communication is the essence of relationship.
  • When we talk to God, it changes things 
  • In prayer we are invited to partner with God to bring about HIS will on earth. Prayer helps bring about God’s will in the world.

James 5:16 The fervent prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much.

  • Not only is prayer an opportunity, it is a responsibility.

Prayer Tips

  1. Ask God to help you see beyond. (Hebrews 11:1)
  2. Say it out loud, when you pray
  3. Agree with others in prayer
  4. Pray without ceasing
  5. Pray about everything (even the small things)