Join a LifeGroup

Life Groups are small gatherings of people (typically 6 – 12 people) designed to provide community and help us become more like Jesus through study, service, learning and just hanging out.

There currently are 3 different types of Life Groups: Bible Study, Book Study and Topical. We are looking to expand our Life Groups to include Discipleship, Missions/Outreach and Personal Interest Based groups, which create an environment for people to do life together within the context of shared activities. (i.e. sports, arts, music).

Our vision for LifeGroups is that we would become a community of believers who become disciples of Christ.

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Growing Together

Being part of a LifeGroup is so beneficial for a Christian. Not only do you get to experience God with other believers outside of a weekly church service, but you also have the opportunity to go deeper in your studies and relationships – all while socializing and having fun.

Praying Together

LifeGroups don’t only help with spiritual questions, they can also be a place to get wisdom and prayer from other believers, regarding all of life’s important decisions like career, family and relationships. LifeGroup is a built-in prayer team, ready and willing to join you in prayer.