Sermon Notes

Rebuilding You: Distractions

Nehemiah 6

If you could push a button and fix ONE THING in your life, what would it be?

While most of us can identify an area that needs to be fixed, we lose focus.

What do you do in the face of distraction?

  • Dis-traction; that which slows you down around the things that matter most.
  • Distracted = side-tracked
  • Side-tracked usually means that you stopped

Backstory: Nehemiah 6

Categories of Distraction

Progress (Success)

  • I am going to stop rebuilding what matters for short term success elsewhere

Nehemiah’s response: “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come.”

  • Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can say is “NO”


  • I’m going to stop rebuilding what matters because I might look bad.

Nehemiah’s response: “So I continued the work with even greater determination”

  • Turn a distraction into determination.


  • I am going to stop rebuilding to give into the easy or familiar thing.

Nehemiah’s response: “So on October 2 the wall was finished—just fifty-two days after we had begun.”

What is the story that you want to tell with your life?

  • Your brokenness becomes your legacy
  • If you partner with God to rebuild, what story might be told on the other side?