Another blow to the American psyche occurred this past week as FBI agents raided the home of former President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-lago. Some have celebrated the search as “an unforgettable moment in American history”, while others decry the warrant as an unprecedented moment In US history.   It is unsettling to say the least.  I join many Americans who are both weary from and wary of the kind of news which jostles the soul.

Once again, we have been called upon to dis-unite, to polarize as we hear commentary and speculation ad nauseum. Our belief systems have been stretched to the point where we find it hard to believe anything, because there seems to be an angle to everything.

What the American people need most right now is stability; “that which does not change or fluctuate.”  Where and how can we find such an elusive state of being?

The ancient people of God were faced with a similar dilemma.  With an Assyrian invasion on the horizon, the prophet Isaiah offers this remedy:

“The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high.” 

He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. 

And he will be the stability of your times.

 In the past we have looked to our natural resources, our strong economy, our advanced military, our foreign intel, our democracy, our government leadership, the foundation  of marriage and family, and our pride as Americans to provide stability, especially when times were turbulent.   But those institutions and ideals have been the very source of instability. They have failed us.

Where can we find a much-needed stability?  Look up.  Entrust your soul to the One who is exalted.  (lit. impregnable, who cannot be overthrown).  Be filled.  In sailing vessels, it is the ballast that provides stability.  It lies beneath the water and is packed with a heavy materials like lead, iron, cement.   Isaiah reminds us that the Lord has filled Zion with righteousness and justice, for they are the foundation of his throne.   Stability is a function of what fills you.

So in these times of uncertainty, look up to the one who cannot change or be changed.  Fill your thoughts with the knowledge of the One who is just and true.  And he will be the stability of your times.