Sermon Notes

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Luke 1-4, Acts 1

Review:  The Holy Spirit is God, part of the Trinity – Father, Son and HS. The Holy Spirit is a person who points to Jesus.

What is the power of the Holy Spirit and how do I access it?

  • A definition: The Holy Spirit is the person of God, who embodies the power of God.

The Holy Spirit and Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

  • Ch 1 present at the birth of Jesus
  • Ch 3 present at Jesus’ baptism
  • Ch 4 present at the temptation
  • 4 present in the synagogue

How to access the Holy Spirit?

  • It begins by realizing that it is not how much you have, or how you feel, but by acknowledging who you are with.

3 Keys:  Intimacy + Holiness + Faith = Power


– Intimacy brings power

– Intimacy creates partnership


– Holiness means set apart; set apart FROM & set apart FOR

– Set apart from things like greed, envy, anger, lust etc.


–  involves risk-taking


It’s not how much of the Holy Spirit you have,

It’s how much of you the Holy Spirit has you.