Sermon Notes

Moved by the Spirit

Who’s in Charge?

Galatians 5:13-25

Introduction:  Moved by two opposing forces: the flesh or the Spirit


  • Paul is writing to believers who have been torn apart by a conflict brought on by a group who had come from Jerusalem, insisting that non-Jewish believers needed to become Jewish in order to be followers of Jesus.
  • Freedom happens by cultivating a relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT.

Moved by the Spirit

  1. Decide: Who’s in charge?
    • Give the first fruits of your day to Jesus
    • Express a heart of gratitude for the goodness of God
    • Get to know the Spirit’s voice
    • Through the day, keep your listening ear on.
  2. Decide: Serve myself or others (ch 5:13)
    • Christmas tree or a fruit tree
Works of the flesh Fruit of the Spirit
Self-effort Natural by-product
Self-serving Others-oriented
Proud Humble
Provoking Peace
  1. Decide: Kill the flesh! (Ch 5:24)
    • The Spirit will stir you to Co-Crucifixion. (Gal 2:20)


Think about the experiences in your life (familiar streets) which trigger you mentally, emotionally, relationally.

Ask:  Holy Spirit what do you wish to say to me about those places?