Sermon Notes

Stirred to Share

Acts 8


  • Everything starts with a stirring.
  • Where is the Spirit of God stirring in your life?


  • Stirred by the Spirit at Pentecost
  • Scattered by persecution, Phillip goes to Samaria, where he is joined by Peter and John (Acts 8:4)
  • Simon, the sorcerer – Sometimes we get so stirred by the gift, that we overlook the GIVER.

Philip’s New Assignment (v26)

“Faith is being willing to take the first step before God shows us the second step.”

  • The Ethiopian eunuch, travelling to Jerusalem with a scroll of Isaiah

How do we engage people when we talk about our faith?

  • Proximity – get close
  • Curiosity – ask questions, listen
  • Offer the gift of presence – being with them.


Great moves of the Spirit often begin with small steps of obedience.

Ask the Holy Spirit

  • Who is someone that needs a word of encouragement?
  • Who is someone that needs a word of hope?