Sermon Notes

[John 8:31-36](

_If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed._ (v. 36)

1 -What is freedom? (v.31-32)

– Cultural definition: the absence of constraints.
– Jesus: Freedom is not the absence of constraints, but doing what is liberating.

2 -The enemy of freedom (v.33-34)

– Is not from the forces, things, people outside of us. (though there are enemies out there)

– Jesus: the ultimate enemy of freedom is in you.
– Sin is the ultimate enemy of freedom

3 – How sin enslaves us (v.35-36)

a. We resist our Creator.

_The impulse of the heart is “nobody is going to tell me what to do”._

– When we disobey God (transgress) we violate our own soul, which results in a loss of freedom. (Illustration: Forgiveness)

b. Sin is self-centeredness

– You can’t be self-centered and love

– Whenever you love someone, you start to lose your independence.

c. What does freedom feel like?

It’s when you feel in the core of your being that you are who you were created to do and be.

4- How do we get liberated and by whom?

– The difference between a slave and a son; relationship based on performance vs unconditional love

– The only way to be free is to no longer see God as a boss, but as a Father.

– Jesus: _The only one who can make you a son/daughter and not just a slave or servant is ME._

– Jesus Christ gave up all his freedom, (one we’ll never know) and came down to be nailed to cross so you and I could know the freedom of being his children.

– The critical transaction: _Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand_

– Repent: Change your mind