What a glorious gathering in Washington, DC.  this weekend.

Songs of intercession, cries of repentance on behalf of God’s people, its leaders, and our nation were accompanied by prayers for revival — not just in the US but for the nations.  An urgent call for the consecration of ourselves and our nation to God was led by Jonathan Cahn.  It was both powerful and prophetic.

Meanwhile believers led by Franklin Graham marched and prayed at strategic sites in our nation’s capital.  Afterwards I thought, will The Return and the Prayer March have a real impact on the future of our nation or will they go down as another day of inspiring religious events?

It all depends on our response.  The word of the Lord to Zechariah gives us some action points to make The Return – the real thing.  The context concerns the future restoration of Israel, when God will turn from judgment, to bringing good to his people as they courageously rebuild the temple.   Yet I believe there are principles we can apply that will move us as a nation away from divine judgment, toward mercy, restoration, and healing.

Ch 8:16-17 These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another; render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace; do not devise evil in your hearts against one another, and love no false oath, for all these things I hate, declares the Lord.”

 Speak truth to one another – where is the source of truth?  Not on FOX or CNN.  It is found in the Scriptures.  Even prophetic voices may not represent truth.  The Scriptures are our only source of truth.  Look for it there – dig deep into God’s Word.  Yes, be informed – but not immersed or enraged to the extent that you lose sight of the eternal.  Who becomes president in 2020 is not nearly as important as the ONE who sits on the throne.   Once you discover truth, speak it to one another.  Truth should not be silent. Truth should convey hope. 

 Render in your gates (courts) judgments that are true and make for peace. 

Vertical consecration must be accompanied by righteous decisions toward humanity.  Pray for our judicial system.   Pray for those who govern. Their mandate is to execute the judgment of truth and peace.    Peace is not appeasement, nor is it always popular. It is forged, based on truth.  In the end, it serves the best interest of all – all races, all genders, all creeds, all people – including those born and those preborn. 

 Do not devise evil in your hearts against one another, Unfortunately much of America has lost its “one another “ identity.  It “me and mine”,  not “we the people.”  Sacrificing our corporate identity on the altar of individualism is the breeding ground for protests, violence and destruction. It’s naming who matters.  However real change comes from empowering the powerless, doing what’s right for the oppressed, and taking care of the poor. These God-given actions, if carried out, will help remove devising evil from the heart against one another.  It will also make the Gospel real, which changes people from the inside-out.  If embraced, it will create true community.  The Apostle Paul said, do not overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good.  Jesus said, Love your enemies.  Dialogue, pray for, respect those with whom you disagree.  Find a way to bless rather than bicker.

Love no false oath.  Political rhetoric is rife with promises, especially in a presidential election.  If you manage to get through the negative campaigning and the attack ads, you will hear the “oaths”.  “If I am elected I will”…Oaths can be powerful.  They can be alluring.  But will they be carried out?  What promises have been delivered by President Trump?  What oaths are being made by Joe Biden, and how will he deliver them?

I was deeply moved by The Return.  I am deeply distressed by the state of our nation.  What will make it real?  Double-down on prayer, dive into the Scriptures, and reach out in love.  Almost 50 years ago, COKE ran one of it’s best commercials.  It was vision of harmony. The real thing was people from around the world drinking COKE.  My prayer is that through the Return people will see the real thing:  a return to God, to goodness, to civility and yes, to harmony. (I’m okay with drinking a COKE as well, sorry Pepsi)