Sermon Notes

Chosen: To Rest

Texta:  Genesis 2   Exodus 20:28   Matthew 11:28. Hebrews 4:1-10

  1. Breaking our hidden addiction to “busy”
  • In today’s world, busy is a code word for important
  • We have been culturally programmed to feel if we are not busy, not productive, don’t have value.

Busyness is not just a disordered schedule, it’s a disordered heart-John Ortberg

  1. The Practice of Sabbath
  • In Hebrew: Shabbat which means “Stop”
  • The discipline of Sabbath allows you to cultivate a spirit of restfulness.
  • Sabbath: a 24 hour period of time that begins sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
  • Genesis 2:3 God created a kind of rest that is a celebration. (delight)

The Sabbath is an entire day set aside to follow God’s example, stop, and delight in his world, in your life in it, and above all, in God himself.  Dan Allender

  1. Why Rest?
  • God built a rhythm into the fabric of creation: Work/rest
  • God blessed the Sabbath day
  • God made the day “holy”. (set apart) – God makes TIME holy.
  • The Sabbath is not a day off, but a day to worship.
  1. How to Rest?
  • STOP – cease from all work, paid and unpaid.
  • REST – do the things that restore and replenish you.
  • DELIGHT – What brings me joy?
  • CONTEMPLATE – focus on the love of God.
  1. Remember the Sabbath
  • Often we forget the things that matter most
  • Live in a rhythm of work and rest