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Sermon Notes

John 5:1-15

What are you expecting God to do in your life?

Our expectations, for better or for worse, largely determine what our life will become.

Things turn out the best, for those who expect the best from the way things turn out. John Wooden, basketball coach


Bethesda was is a two pool complex, 20 feet deep and about as large as a football field. There were 5 porches or collanades that would have provided shade for the hot Middle Eastern sun.  This was natural gathering place in 1st Century Israel.

For 38 years, this paralytic kept coming back.  Why? The belief that when the waters stirred, the one who entered first would be healed.

1 – What to Expect:

Want something new?  Do something different.

There is almost always a human element in the miracles in Scripture.

You have to do the natural before God will do the supernatural.

2 -What to expect:

Expect God to use other methods

-This man had an expectation of how he wanted to experience his healing.

-Sometimes it is our expectations that box God in or keep God out.

Example:  Naaman  2 Kings 5

-There are times when you are someone else’s miracle.

-Think differently: How many times do we want to outline our agenda to God?

3- What to Expect:

Do you want to be made well?*

-As a paraplegic, this man’s life was sheer agony

-Jesus chooses to heal someone suffered deep isolation

-As we get older, our the focus of our brain shifts.

-At some point, we stop living out of imagination and we start living out of memory. We stop creating the future and we start repeating the past.

-Instead of living by faith, we start living by logic.

-Either memory will overtake imagination, or imagination will overtake memory.

Example:  Caleb

Numbers 13-14

4- Cultivating Godly Expectations

-Begin your day with prayer (pray your daily calendar)

-Get into God’s Word (find a promise from God for you and your situation)

-Find an Expect-ability partner

-Pursue wholeness beyond healing (be quick to repent)   v.14