Sermon Notes

Vision 2020-Focus

Pay Attention!

Psalm 23


– Attention is one of the most generous things we can give to people,
especially to those who are hurting.

– Paying attention in silence can actually change our brain, which
affects our bodies and our overall well-being.

– Psalm 23 is a song about paying attention to God, who pays attention to us.

– Opening exercise: As the psalm is being read, underline or highlight the word or phrase that speaks to you.

Psalm 23 in Four Movements

I. Pay attention: Hear God’s voice. vs 1-3
– Sheep wander
– My sheep hear my voice. God has a lot to say to us.
– When we pay attention to God, he leads us, restores us.

II. Trust God in Darkness v.4

– Life is full of valleys
– Sheep don’t have any defenses

III. Pay Attention: Receive God’s love v.5

– David could have focused on some of the horrific things he had done.
– Most of us have negative messages in our head which prevent God from setting a table before us,
– Grace says: _you matter to God._

IV. Pay attention to beauty v.6

-Shepherds would often send an assistant to the rear of the flock as a guard.
God: “I’ve got your back.”

Your Assignment: Spend 5 minutes/day in silence paying attention to God. Then read Psalm 23. Focus on what God is saying to you through David’s song.