Reading through Nehemiah’s account of the  rebuilding of the walls around Jerusalem is fascinating on so many levels.  First was the permission to leave his post as cupbearer to the king.  Not only was he given authority, but was sent with supplies.  The resistance he encountered from Tobiah and Sanballat are no surprise.  Whenever you and I attempt to move forward in any area, whether it is spiritually, emotionally, socially or in being proactive with our health, there will be enemies who seek to block, threaten or even intimidate what God wants to do in us and through us.  The wall was a major project, but Nehemiah instructed the people to take a section and work on it side by side.   The phrase “next to him” is repeated throughout chapter 3.  While the work was done by individuals, the wall was built as a community.  Who is next to you?  Who is working by your side?  What are you rebuilding?  It took 52 days to complete the rebuilding of walls.  Israel could function and worship unhindered by outside forces.

In one month, a committed group of deacons worked alongside Bob Strugnell who coordinated and enlisted 70 volunteers.  On July 20th we hosted a Summer Fest.  It was a great success in spite of the stifling heat.  Why?  People were working side by side.  I am so grateful for everyone who worked together under difficult circumstances.  We are better together.  Thank you.