Sermon Notes

I Corinthians 4:1-5


These four dimensions of you, when put together, tell the whole story of who you are.

This week’s Cross Examine:  Who am I living to please? Whose judgment or opinion of me really matters?

  1. My PUBLIC self:  Who you think I am
  • In Corinth, promotion of the public self was a way of life, and the term for it was boasting.
  • Paul’s response:  “I care very little what you think about me.”  v. 3
  • Paul’s strategy:  Die to (your public) self.
  • Criticism is inevitable
  • Paul’s description of his life:  (4:10-13)

Don’t let your critic be your judge.

  1. My PRIVATE self:  Who I think I am.
  • It’s the “me” I don’t want anyone else to see.

Strategy:  Reveal the Private Self – Stop hiding!

We can only be loved to the extent that we’re actually known

  • Do not indulge the desire to look better than you actually are. (4:6)
  1. My REAL self: Who God knows I am.
  • There is a gap between my private self (the person I think am) and my real self.
  • Pop Psychology vs Reality
  • Paul’s Strategy:  Ask God to reveal the truth about me to myself. (Ps. 139:23,24)

But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults. (Psalm 19:12)

  1. My GLORY self:  Who God wants me to become  (I Cor 3:18)
  • Everyone has a “glory” self.
  • The human temptation:  replacing God  “You will be like God.” (Gen 3:5)
  • Paul’s strategy: Desire becoming the person God wants you to be above all else.