When it comes to anger, there are a number of revenge songs that express feelings of being betrayed, deceived or deserted. (songs by Alanis Morisette, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood to name a few). They all use music to vent their anger as a therapeutic tool.

At first glance Psalm 7 – titled, “Song for the Slandered Soul”  would fit this category. Yet the subtitle is revealing:  To the tune of “Breaking the Curse of Cush, the Benjamite,”

Apparently Cush the Benjamite had accused David of conspiracy.  i.e. King Saul, David wants your throne!  Being from the same clan, Saul bought the lie; which helps explain his fits of jealous rage toward David.

Slander is defined as “the action of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.”  David was wrongly accused as being subversive to Saul’s royal authority. Because it affected him so deeply, David uses most of the song to cry out for justice.

Have you ever been angered by someone misrepresenting you or even maligning you? Social media and online reviews are fodder for those who wish to trash a person’s reputation. Anger is a natural response. Fight fire with fire. But it puts you in a mindset to react rather than respond. To attack – as the saying goes: “hurt people, hurt people.”

The tune of this song is titled “breaking the curse of Cush.” How does David get beyond the desire for revenge? He cites one of God’s anger management techniques: Strong forgiveness

Because of the strength of your forgiveness,
    your anger does not break out every day,
even though you are a righteous judge. v.12

Forgiveness? What does that do to remedy injustice? Strong forgiveness releases you and gives an opportunity for those who have hurt you to change. If you hold onto the offense, you will seek retribution. If you let go and let God, repentance can take place. You have managed your anger through forgiveness. It is has not managed you. If the purveyor of misinformation or misdeeds does not come around, fear not – God will handle it.

Today there are companies that offer protection of your online reputation. v10-11 David declares confidence in God’s protection of his reputation.

10 God, your wrap-around presence
is my protection and my defense.
You bring victory to all who reach out for you.
11 Righteousness is revealed every time you judge.  (TPT)

Martin Luther once said: “David made Psalms; we also will make Psalms, and sing them as well as we can to the honor of our Lord, and to spite and mock the devil.”

My friend, break the curse of Cush – those who have lied about you. Practice strong forgiveness. Write you own song of freedom to honor the Lord. As you do, God’s wrap-around presence will be the only defense you need. You will also deal a blow to the accuser himself.