You’re on an important call and up pops this message: “Low power mode.”  While intended to conserve energy, it means that you need to recharge your battery.

Have you ever been in low power mode?  It happens when conflict  drains the energy from your life. It’s when you are being accused from within, or criticized from those who oppose you. (In this case his son, Absalom, who managed to pull off a coup is chasing David. David is fleeing for his life.)

Psalm 143:3 My enemies have chased and caught me and crushed my life into dust…4 My inner being is in depression and my heart is heavy, dazed with despair.

When you are being hounded, it’s time to recharge. You must plug into a source of power or you will be rendered useless and inffective.

How do you get out of  low power mode?
Plug in by asking for help.
This might be so obvious. However there have been times when I simply keep going. I keep moving. I keep on talking. Meanwhile my phone dies.

Throughout the Psalm David cries out for help, bearing his soul to God in prayer.

Lord, you must hear my prayer,
for you are faithful to your promises.
Answer my cry, O righteous God!
Lord, come quickly and answer me,
for my depression deepens and I’m about to give up.
Don’t leave me now or I’ll die!

 This is not a casual conversation. He needs a power IN him and One that is working FOR him.  It has been said, when we work, we work. When we pray, God works. Plug in…cry out for inner strength and for divine intervention.

Plug in by remembering.

5 I remember the glorious miracles of days gone by,
and I often think of all the wonders of old.

When you are assaulted by trouble, remember what God has done.
Remember God’s promises.

8 Let the dawning day bring me revelation
of your tender, unfailing love.
11 Lord, if you rescue me, it will bring you more glory,
for you are true to your promises.

 When you rehearse what God has done, it recharges your faith. It brings you hope for the future.

Several Thanksgivings ago we were gathered around the table when my dad introduced a song that he had recently learned in church. He encouraged us to sing along.  To his dismay, we goofed around, but eventually got to it. It’s a simple, but powerful song. Are you in low power mode? Click on this LINK and power up!  Thanks Dad.