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New Building – Ministry Room Size Request Form

We would like to give all COS ministries an opportunity to fill out a “Ministry Room Size Request Form” for their ministry needs.

This would be what your DREAM room size & functionality would look like.
It would be what you need today… PLUS space for growth!

Please fill out a form for each meeting (room needs) your ministry has.

For example: The Kids Church has several events/meetings during the week, so they would have to fill out this online form several times in order for the church to have rooms available for all their activities during the week. Also, some activities do not need a specific room, so then you would answer yes to “Can this room be shared with other ministries?”

Please answer all questions on the form below by Sunday, March 30th.

PS: This information will be compiled and utilized by our planners and architect in creating the most efficient and cost effective building possible.
All requests and wish list items will be considered, as we try to accommodate all ministry functions and church activities. God is good!


Ministry Room Size Request Form:

* indicates required field

Below are the dimensions of some of the rooms we are currently using at COS to give you an idea of the different room sizes.
(Please click on the picture to see it in full size)


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