Church On The Sound


On July 16, 2016 one million people will be standing together for Jesus on the National Mall. If you would like to be a part of this historical event, transportation will be available for $40 a person. (This cost is for the bus transportation only.) The cost of the event itself is FREE.

5 am—Leave from the Church on the Sound, 335 Oxhead Rd., Stony Brook parking lot. Approx. 10:30 am—Arrive at parking lot in Washington DC. Take a shuttle or walk to the National Mall. (The cost of the shuttle is not included in the price.)
6pm‐‐‐Be back at parking lot to leave the National Mall. Bus will leave at 6:15 sharp. We will stop at a rest area on the way home for those who would like to get something to eat on the bus. Approx. 12:30am‐‐‐ return to Church on the Sound parking lot. Click on the banner on our website or see Sue Carretta.



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