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By Joy Seeberger

Early in March, I was delighted to see that the American willow tree in our yard had burst into bloom. Snow still covered the ground, yet this magnificent harbinger of spring was attractively decorated in soft, silvery catkins. How it made my heart SING! Despite the long hard winter and the lingering cold temperatures, the willow was not to be dissuaded – the time for spring has come! On the morning of Palm Sunday, I glanced out the window, concerned how our willow tree had fared in the unexpected snowfall. There it stood with its branches laden with the heavy snow. Every bloom now hidden from view, encased in snow and ice! As I stood there frowning, the Lord reassured me, “you cannot tell that tree it’s not spring!”


Underneath its’ frozen exterior, the tree is alive and well and aware of what season it is in. Whether or not the weather agrees with the willow, the willow has announced spring and will continue to blossom. Eventually, all this “nonsense” will melt and our environment will catch up with the willow.
Psalm 147: 18 MSG “then He gives the COMMAND and it all melts; He breathes on winter – and SUDDENLY IT’S SPRING!” The analogy becomes clear. This is the Season of New Life for those of us who love the Lord and hold to His Promises! But we must be confident, strong, and courageous in the middle of the trial, especially when our environment still looks and feels like the dead of winter.

It’s a good idea to IGNORE the contradiction. But if it is not to be ignored, then we must ENDURE THE CONTRADICTION. Hold on, dear brothers and sisters, and you will see NEW LIFE emerge from that situation or that relationship. This IS a new season! So whether you are anxiously waiting for a job to open up for you, or you have a heavy heart because of being iced out of a relationship with someone you love – don’t give up! Endure the contradiction while believing for a healing, for your marriage, for someone coming to faith in Christ, for revival! Even if it feels like it’s icy cold and dead all around you and your faith is being mocked – keep on trusting and believing in the Lord of Life, Lord of All.

Isaiah 43:19 See I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up. Do you not perceive it? Will you not be aware of it?
Can you hear the Lord calling you to courage as He speaks to your heart about this new season you’ve entered? Then go ahead. Announce Spring!



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