Church On The Sound

Men’s Ministry

Our God Chasers Men’s Ministry is open to Christian men who desire to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide support so our brothers will be able to stand in the face of adversity and be victorious because of their relationship with Jesus.

We recognize the unique need Christian men have for developing trusting, mentoring relationships in order to overcome the challenges facing them today. Our ministry provides the opportunity for our members to meet and share their experience and concerns with one another, in a relaxed, welcoming setting. God Chasers Men’s Ministry is devoted to responding to these needs by seeking God’s guidance and strength through prayer and fellowship among men.

We host a monthly breakfast meeting at 8am on the second Saturday of each month as well as various Bible studies throughout the year.  As a way of further building our relationships with the Lord and one another, we attend rallies (including Promise Keepers) and gather together at an annual retreat.

Please contact Rich Marcott for more information.

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